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A local club is a community hub for meeting and social activities. As members age, stairs may pose a problem. Sydney’s Gladesville Bowling and Sports Club is improving access for its less mobile visitors by replacing stairs with a new elevator. KangEx specialises in tight access excavations and was sub-contracted to undertake the excavation work for construction of the new lift shaft.

Demolishing the existing staircase and excavating to prepare concrete works for the new elevator is via an internal bar area with a standard door opening. In addition to tight access, the bar area’s carpets and fittings needed to be protected while equipment is driven through to the works site. Continue reading


SM 0084 - Rookwood TB216 Final 2 lrSemco’s Australian designed Takeuchi TB 216 excavator solves a major problem for one of Australia’s largest and oldest cemeteries.    

These features gave operators the ability to access the pathway between grave sites and dig to full depth to either side of Sydney’s Rookwood Cemetery Trust have used their series of Takeuchi TB108 excavators with success in excavation of grave sites adjacent to narrow pathways. As well as providing a full 180 degree swing on the boom, a Semco custom-designed front dipper arm extended the dig depth by the extra 400 mm required for gravesites. the path without having to reposition the excavator.    Continue reading