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Power and manoeuvrability needed to deliver efficient outcomes for contractors

SM 0096 - TB108 B
Contractors carrying out repair work such as digging out old clogged drains and replacing septic trenches are often confronted by work sites where access is minimal and the space for manoeuvring equipment is extremely limited.

Similar conditions may be found on new residential constructions while carrying out trenching work involving stormwater, underground power and other services. Other common obstacles for excavators include carports and archways. On established properties, householders are also concerned that heavy machinery on their property may damage or interfere with lawns and gardens. Continue reading

Tight sites no problem for Takeuchi


Excavation for concrete footings in smaller allotments poses a challenge when it comes to access and manoeuvrability.

Star Concrete contracts to some of Sydney’s leading project builders as well as developers of prestige constructions.

“When we were looking for an 8 tonne excavator that could handle tough jobs all day long, as well as letting us access tight sites, the Takeuchi TB 180FR zero swing machine was definitely the right decision”, said Star Concrete’s Michael Ruperto.

“In fact, features like the sliding swing boom have proven to be so productive, we have just added a second excavator to our fleet.

“The machine’s sliding boom system, coupled with its high output combined hydraulic flow, gives us all the power we need for operating attachments such as our PD10 2-speed Idrive.

“When working in the machine for extended periods, you really appreciate the reduction in ground vibration, thanks to the short pitch rubber crawler tracks. These also help to minimise impact on concrete gutters – a major consideration in residential developments”.

“Fine boom movement is needed on many site applications and the TB 180FR’s proportional hydraulic controls give the operator the dexterity called for in these situations. Also adding to productivity is the comfortable and spacious operator’s compartment.

“Throughout the company’s 30-year history we have continually upgraded our equipment that lets us efficiently handle pier foundations, strip footings, ground and suspended slabs, driveways and paths,” Michael said.

Star Concrete also constructs waffle pod slab systems, infill slabs, stiffened raft slab, suspended slabs and factory floors.