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 Does size matter? Ask any landscape contractor who has to negotiate a site to move supplies, position rockeries, stonework or masonry, cut through old tree roots, break up degraded concrete or asphalt paths and driveways and there is your answer.

Many landscaping jobsites present unexpected challenges that may delay your targeted completion time. Having the right tools for these situations may often be the deciding factor on whether or not your job delivers your budgeted profit.

Mini excavators and their tools can be a valuable asset on larger jobs when it comes to preparation for laying drainage lines under new turf and gardens, trenching foundations for retaining walls, removing small tree stumps or ripping up old paving. The right size trenching bucket, post drilling auger or rock breaker that is matched to the machine’s capabilities helps you manage the unexpected.

On one hand, it’s fine to have super compact machinery, however you also need sufficient power for the sheer grunt needed to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

The Takeuchi® TB210R excavator is a prime example of a small yet powerful machine which professional landscapers may find valuable to have in their equipment fleet. This machine weighs a useful 1,150 kg and the machine’s 750 mm wide tracks are able to be hydraulically expanded up to 1,020mm.

Safety is foremost, thanks to an integrated fold-down ROPS. Even the toughest jobs can be tackled with specially matched attachments – all driven by a gutsy, smooth and quiet Kubota 8.6kW three-cylinder diesel engine.

Takeuchi designers have ensured ease of operation and dexterity by incorporating full hydraulic servo levers and controls with a have a two-pattern change over selector. The TB210R is solidly constructed with all steel fabricated body parts, making it an attractive and robust proposition for contractors whose machines are in constant use.

 Transporting your TB 210R between jobs is not a problem. Even with the trailer loaded with a set of buckets and hitch, gross weight is approximately 1.3 tonnes, allowing the machine to be towed using a conventional utility or a family sedan without special electronic braking.


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Takeuchi TB210R


Equipment reliability is key for rapidly growing VT Group

One of Melbourne’s major drainage and plumbing contractors has recently upgraded its excavator fleet with eight 1.2 tonne Takeuchi TB210R compact excavators.

Based in Keilor East, VT Group supplies plumbing and drainage services to major residential developers across the city’s northern regions, as well as outer growth areas of Geelong, Werribee and Whittlesea.

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As population density grows, so does the need for excavation in extremely tight spaces. The latest mini excavator from Takeuchi is a prime example of how technology has evolved to provide contractors with greater power and efficiency in challenging locations.

Takeuchi’s new TB210R excavator represents the next generation of its highly successful predecessor, the TB108. While being heavier at 1,150 kg the TB210R has similar compact size and nimble performance. Continue reading