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Breaking up solidly compacted ground with loader buckets can be a big challenge.

Takeuchi TL10 with Ripper BarWhen you are confronted with having to break up hard, clay-compacted ground or other surfaces that over time have acquired the resilience of concrete, most compact loaders fitted with even the best buckets may struggle.

One of the most efficient methods of tackling the problem is to use heavy duty rippers to break the hard surface so the bucket can do its work of levelling or removing material. Rippers are also useful when it’s impractical to have an excavator on the site. Continue reading

TL8 Ripper Bar - LR WebRipper bar for Takeuchi loader means faster site preparation for compacted earthworks

Rear-mounted ripper/scarifier for Takeuchi tracked loaders

Semco’s Norm ripper bar attachment for its range of Takeuchi rubber tracked compact loaders are ideal for contractors who can’t have an excavator on site to help dislodge obstinate ground, or who just want to stay on the one machine when tough conditions are encountered. Continue reading


TB210R pic HR
As population density grows, so does the need for excavation in extremely tight spaces. The latest mini excavator from Takeuchi is a prime example of how technology has evolved to provide contractors with greater power and efficiency in challenging locations.

Takeuchi’s new TB210R excavator represents the next generation of its highly successful predecessor, the TB108. While being heavier at 1,150 kg the TB210R has similar compact size and nimble performance. Continue reading