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TL12R2 Impact Earthworx


Super tough and reliable TL12R2 delivers productivity for earthworks contractor.

Growing up in a family of earthworks contractors and a working life in the earthworks industry, it was a natural progression for Paul Azzopardi to set up his own contracting business four years ago.

As Impact Earthworx, Paul’s business provides site preparation earthworks with a focus on the newer and rapidly expanding residential subdivisions across Sydney’s north-western suburbs.

Rugged equipment needed

“When starting a new business, I knew that investing in rugged, reliable machinery was the best approach that would ensure I could deliver the service demanded by customers. You need to get the job done quickly, on time and need equipment that’s not going to burden you with costly downtime”, Paul said.

“My first machine was a Takeuchi TL250, a machine that performed perfectly for precision cutting out and levelling sites for foundations. We found it ideal for our type of work because of its strength of construction, power and versatility.”

When the time came for Paul to upgrade, he spent time checking out the latest machines to see if there were more productive options available.

“After looking around to compare the market, it quickly became apparent the obvious choice was the latest Takeuchi TL12R2. I was particularly attracted to the radial lift boom configuration which suits the way I work, together with the stronger breakout force compared with the earlier model.

“Basically, I can’t fault the machine. It has a lot more comfort than the earlier model and retains the durability of the TL250, a feature that tops my list of requirements.

Heavy bucket does the job

“The TL12R uses a Norm 4-in-1 pro bucket; great for our work because it’s bigger and heavier than the standard bucket. Being heavier, I can put more weight on the ground surface. It took a bit of getting used to, however once mastering it, I found you can get a lot more power into the ground. The bigger, heavier bucket lets you work more efficiently by using the full potential of the 81.8 kW power of the TL12R2 loader.

TL12R2 wit hripper bar“Adding the optional ripper bar has also proven to be a great decision as I can save considerable time by very quickly softening stubborn, impacted clay and earth to make the task of removing top layer spoil so much faster and with better precision.

“In terms of comfort, the cabin is a lot bigger than that of the TL250 and the air conditioning system works brilliantly. The controls are well laid out and so easy to use. I have looked at many other machines and have found their controls can’t compare with those of the Takeuchi machine.

“Takeuchi controls are unique and give you amazing feel for the machine, knowing it will respond accurately and instantly to whatever it is asked to perform. Most other machines don’t give you the same feel of the controls.

Really comfortable for the operator

“The protective screen is well designed for good visibility and having the new track makes the ride much more comfortable. Track rollers are now highly cushioned from ground impact and vibration by the 40 mm of rubber track backing that is in contact with the rollers. When you’re working the machine for hours, this makes a huge difference to how you feel at the end of the day”, Paul added.

Further information on the new Takeuchi TL12R2, and the complete range of Takeuchi machines is available at www.takeuchi.com.au or 1300 024 157.



Western Sydney contractor selects Takeuchi TL6R track loader for major residential development earthworks.

Sydney’s boom in large-scale residential development and construction has put deadline pressure on contractors to complete a high volume of work.

Earthworm Excavations is a contractor that provides comprehensive site preparation packages that include excavation and landscaping, concreting, fencing, infrastructure and other services.

“Our seven machines and 16 operators are kept very busy performing work on projects for some of Australia’s biggest names in large-tract residential development. So far, we have completed site works and landscaping for 200 new homes and we have many more to complete,” said Earthworm Excavations’ Dave Butfield.

“Checking out the market for some new equipment to give us improved productivity, we recently decided on purchasing the latest Takeuchi TL6R track loader. We have been using a skid steer for some time, however we wanted to see how a tracked loader would perform on our job sites.

“We needed a compact loader that was small enough to give us the flexibility on typical residential site development particularly with the ability to manoeuvre down driveways and into garage spaces. It’s a great size and fits inside the dimensions of house garages, which makes it a very versatile machine, using a 4-in-1 bucket and a broom attachment, the latter of which is used for cleaning roads at site exits.

“The pickup load capacity of 835 kilograms is excellent and even conservative. At this rated weight, the machine never feels under stress and there’s enough reach over the side of a bogie tipper for loading.

“The downside with some of the skid steers is the feeling of instability under a full load. On the other hand, the track machine feels more stable and safe, with the extra weight of all muscle in the back end thanks to an efficient and thoughtful design that eliminates need for a counterweight.

“From an operator’s viewpoint there’s heaps of room in the cabin. The air conditioner is very efficient and the sound level in the cabin is fine, even when working all day.

“We’re also happy the TL6R includes all the little extras such as pressure release valve, two speeds, extra hydraulics and a reversing camera.  Controls are all very easy and the hydraulic pilot control system gives the machine’s operator a comfortable, positive feel that enables very direct and precise operation”, said Dave.

Operator comfort

Also handy for safety is the TL6R’s large LED work lights for those times you really need to see your work in low-light visibility. For the operator’s comfort, there’s a full-size suspension high back seat that gives additional support and significantly reduces vibration for less fatigue and makes the work space more comfortable. Other comfort touches include cup holders, a phone charging port and a radio.

Great value

“The TL6R is great value for money and has definitely lived up to our expectations for power and productivity. It’s been worked solidly since day one on the job site and more than up to every task we have asked it to perform. It has demonstrated more pushing power than we have been accustomed to, particularly on muddy surfaces”, Dave concluded.