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A great finance deal is good, but does it matter at the end of the day?

With variations in finance interest often amounting to the equivalent a cup of coffee a day over the length of the finance period, there’s no need for your equipment purchase decision to be dictated by the “deal.”

When you’re digging for a living, all that matters are keeping your customers happy and  there’s money in the bank.  According to Matt Peters of Truck N Track Excavations, the best way to achieve that objective is having tough, reliable machines that keep on going.

Matt started his business after moving on from employment as a mechanic with a major earthmoving equipment supplier. Having worked on a large range of machines, he had a good idea of what machine would be his preferred choice.

Proven, tough engineering

“I looked at a lot of machines but found the only one that came up to the performance and comfort I needed was a Takeuchi ”, Matt recalls. Looking for value, Matt didn’t hesitate in buying a Takeuchi TB 250 five tonne excavator that had clocked 5,000 hours.

“I was happy to buy the Takeuchi machine with 5,000 hours on it because I knew the major components would last a lot longer than this, and when needing replacement, the cost and will be minimal.

“The cab is incredibly spacious, well air-conditioned, controls are very precise, and the machine performs exactly as I need.  We have just finished a major project with the Newcastle light rail and the machine performed faultlessly. It was ideal for this application, particularly because of its 1840 mm wide track and impressive power.

“Engineering of Takeuchi equipment is virtually “ bullet proof” and easy to work on. Sound levels inside the cab are also quieter compared with other machines. There’s also easy access in and out of the cab, with good size grab handles for safety.

Controls are comfortable to handle and give you very precise operation; a real benefit when you are digging around telecommunications cables, gas lines, power and other highly expensive infrastructure.

“Some of my colleagues have wondered why I went ahead with the TB 250 purchase when there are so many apparently attractive finance options available for new gear.

“They eventually saw the sense of my decision when I explained that to have this amazing performance and productivity of the Takeuchi machine, the difference in financing was less than a cup of coffee a day!” Matt said.

TL10v2 track loader  

Soon after Matt acquired his TB 250 excavator it was time to update his track loader and went through a similar assessment exercise as when looking for the excavator.

“As with the excavator, the robust mechanical layout of the TL10v2 loader was a compelling point and one of the key factors in the decision. In fact, I have not seen anything else on the market that comes close in terms of value and powerful performance”, he said.

“The TL10V2 has amazing visibility; a tilt cab that lets you easily access the mechanicals underneath the cabin, while the swing-out rear panel makes it a breeze to access the rear engine compartment to service air filters and other engine components.

“When you look at a side-by-side comparison between the TL10V2 track loader and comparable brands you start to see the difference in the build and engineering. For example, the size and strength of the hydraulic cylinders; the thoughtful positioning and performance of the controls; the number of air vents for the air-conditioner, spaciousness of the cabin and overall visibility.

“The comfortable seating position is elevated and has plenty of headroom with ample area behind my seat to store the hard hat and pre-start books.

“With a slide-up front door, I feel safer knowing I can slide in and out in an emergency if needed, and access entry and exit is possible even with attachments connected. It’s also handy to tilt the cab when the boom is in the up or down position.

“It was also good to see there is a direct connection for a Norm rear ripper attachment, which I have since purchased. The high flow hydraulics with mechanical bleed-off actuators at the coupler point let me relieve the secondary system when performing maintenance.

“Another thing you notice straight away is the TL10V2  drives effortlessly in any direction , where some others tend to protest a bit on road surfaces, particularly on bitumen.

“On most new machines the reverse buzzer is run via the CAN Bus system and will only run a piezo reverse alarm. However, on most of my jobs a different sounding reversing squawker is needed. My new TL10v2 runs the reversing buzzer as direct current which means I don’t have to pay $900 for the privilege to run a non-OEM reverse alarm. There is also an outstanding lighting package and inbuilt reverse camera.

The bottom line

“Perhaps I’m more particular than many other operators, said Matt “because I look at everything in the machine: the way electricals are laid out, protected and insulated. And when you look at the hydraulics, you can really see the difference in the engineering design and why the Takeuchi machine will last such a long time without giving any problems.” Matt said.

“When purchasing equipment, you really need to look at the whole of life investment which is not only the machine. Takeuchi gives very little or no downtime, and its major components will last for a very long time and operate reliably.

“It’s false economy to let your buying decision to be based on price and finance. A Takeuchi machine that’s been properly maintained will last well beyond the end of your finance, letting you pocket more money by ensuring minimum downtime”, Matt concluded.


Kanga Excavation Services Pty Ltd has discovered this all-new compact excavator punches way above its weight.

The first Takeuchi TB225 compact excavator imported into Australia has been quickly snapped up by Stefan Millar of Kanga Excavation Services.

The company specializes in very tight excavation work associated with basement extensions and complex residential and commercial renovations. These jobs are often located in densely populated areas that have narrow streets, steep slopes and present a real challenge to access.

“When working to a client’s budget, it’s important to ensure no time is wasted. – We need to work quickly, to minimise the cost of trucks and skips, as well as avoiding disruption to traffic flow on busy roads”, said Stefan.

Productivity, reliability and high performance.

The purchase of theTB225 was not the first Takeuchi excavator for KangEx. The company has been operating several models, including an 1,180 Kg TB210R that was added to the fleet last year. The decision by KangEx to purchase another Takeuchi was based on the productivity, durability and reliability it experienced with its current machines.

“We needed another excavator, and when looking at the specifications of the TB225 it didn’t take much to convince us this new model would be the ideal solution. Rather than add a 1.7 tonne machine to the fleet, the TB225 promised to give productivity that represented a great return on investment.

“The Takeuchi TB225 is the world’s first 2.5 tonne-class excavator with tracks that retract to a narrow 1100 mm, meaning we can get this powerful machine into places which previously only a 1.7 tonne-class machine could access. A huge bonus is its astonishing lift capacity of 327 kilograms with the tracks extended out to 1500mm. Even with the tracks at 1100 mm, its lift capacity of 219 kilograms is still amazing!

Fully featured – advanced specifications

“This is a full specification machine, not just a basic excavator. It has adjustable hydraulic flow, auto deceleration, auto idle and pilot proportional controls. The TB225 is also extremely powerful. – It’s a magnificently built piece of equipment and it is obvious that Takeuchi has listened to customer feedback, as everything you could want in a compact excavator appears on this model.

“An example of this is seen on the TB225 where the manufacturer has incorporated robust tie-down lugs cast into the chassis and a super-handy lockable tool box that sits conveniently behind the operator’s seat.

“When you’re at the controls, it’s like operating a full-size excavator – a totally upscale experience from most other mini excavators. Takeuchi has clearly designed this machine to take the mini excavator to a whole new level and it’s helped our business productivity even more than we anticipated”, Stefan said.



Small but so powerful, with expandable tracks

Takeuchi has released its all-new TB225 2.3 tonne mini excavator, the latest model in its range of small machines designed to add productivity for earthmoving contractors, plumbers, electrical, data and telco services contractors.

Anyone who needs to excavate is always looking for more power to make their work more efficient, and this new model provides the answer. Its 1,330 cc 16.5 kW Yanmar diesel produces 16.5 kW of power; a significant increase in performance compared with earlier comparable Takeuchi models.

Largest with expandable tracks

The TB225 excavator has the advantage of being the largest machine in the market with retractable tracks that lets operators access very tight spaces, while being able to extend the machine’s footprint to provide maximum stability.

Track width can be reduced to a handy 1,100mm to access internal door openings and very narrow side access of structures. When the excavator’s tracks are fully expanded to 1,500mm, this provides the stability needed to get the optimum performance and productivity from the extra hydraulic power and boosted bucket digging force of 19.3 kN that enables the TB225 to tackle tough jobs.

Not only does the track expandability provide access and performance advantages; the long undercarriage has ground clearance of 190 mm and its 1,790 mm of track-to-ground contact makes for better flotation and adds further to the machine’s superior stability. Also, high gradient slopes are no longer a barrier to performance, thanks to the redesigned undercarriage that features triple-flanged rollers that keep the robust 250 mm wide rubber tracks in place to deliver positive traction.

Dual auxiliary hydraulic lines rated at SP1 and SP2 are standard, producing hydraulic flow at up to 38.5 litres per minute at 210 bar, operating three working pumps, including a dedicated slew/blade pump that improves operational speed and functional control.

Loads of features for added efficiency

In terms of reach and dig depth, the TB225 really delivers with its standard long arm for a digging depth of 2,580 mm. At ground level, the long arm enables the bucket to reach out to 4,240 mm and dump loads at a height of 2,875 mm.

The TB225 incorporates loads of other features that will make it to the top of the shopping list for many equipment operators. For example, auto engine idle helps to reduce fuel consumption and sound levels on the job, while the hydraulic detent function means you can pre-set flow to suit your attachment applications.

Other favourite features that will be appreciated by operators include proportional controls, smooth hydraulic pilot joystick controls that deliver precise action, two-speed travel with automatic shift, a blade that’s adjustable without tools, auto deceleration and a hydraulic piloted travel lever.

If you are planning to spend long days on a job, the new, spacious operator’s’ station design is a winner. A super-comfortable suspension seat with an adjustable head-rest will make long shifts a pleasure, even for operators of a chunky build.

When it comes to the daily service checks and other maintenance tasks, large lockable service covers let you access components at ground level and all daily service points are conveniently located so you can reach them easily. A handy, lockable toolbox sits neatly behind the operator’s seat.

If that’s not enough to tempt you to check out this high performance, not-so-mini excavator, this all new TB225 is still within the weight limit that lets you tow your machine behind a 3.5 tonne capacity ute.



A local club is a community hub for meeting and social activities. As members age, stairs may pose a problem. Sydney’s Gladesville Bowling and Sports Club is improving access for its less mobile visitors by replacing stairs with a new elevator. KangEx specialises in tight access excavations and was sub-contracted to undertake the excavation work for construction of the new lift shaft.

Demolishing the existing staircase and excavating to prepare concrete works for the new elevator is via an internal bar area with a standard door opening. In addition to tight access, the bar area’s carpets and fittings needed to be protected while equipment is driven through to the works site. Continue reading

Takeuchi at Smart Hire



How do you increase your profile in the crowded hire and rental business? For Smart Hire, the answer is not complicated: specialise in supplying equipment that most of your customers need.

“With customer service being the cornerstone of a successful hire and rental businesses, it often pays to have a specialisation where your business can become well-known in a particular field of expertise”, said owners Hein and Veronica Otten.

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Takeuchi TB210R


Equipment reliability is key for rapidly growing VT Group

One of Melbourne’s major drainage and plumbing contractors has recently upgraded its excavator fleet with eight 1.2 tonne Takeuchi TB210R compact excavators.

Based in Keilor East, VT Group supplies plumbing and drainage services to major residential developers across the city’s northern regions, as well as outer growth areas of Geelong, Werribee and Whittlesea.

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TB216 Excavator on hire

TB216 Excavator on hire

Building contractors report buoyant conditions for work associated with the continuing trend for people to renovate or add value to their homes.

Machinery and equipment that is well matched to needs helps contractors to complete projects more efficiently and on time. Equipment rental companies such as Ken Rowland’s two-outlet Hire Depot in Melbourne play a major role in supporting builders and construction contractors. Continue reading


TB210R pic HR
As population density grows, so does the need for excavation in extremely tight spaces. The latest mini excavator from Takeuchi is a prime example of how technology has evolved to provide contractors with greater power and efficiency in challenging locations.

Takeuchi’s new TB210R excavator represents the next generation of its highly successful predecessor, the TB108. While being heavier at 1,150 kg the TB210R has similar compact size and nimble performance. Continue reading