TL8 Ripper Bar - LR WebRipper bar for Takeuchi loader means faster site preparation for compacted earthworks

Rear-mounted ripper/scarifier for Takeuchi tracked loaders

Semco’s Norm ripper bar attachment for its range of Takeuchi rubber tracked compact loaders are ideal for contractors who can’t have an excavator on site to help dislodge obstinate ground, or who just want to stay on the one machine when tough conditions are encountered.

While these rippers don’t pretend to have the earth shattering capability a dozer attachment, an operator who understands the technique of slow ground speed for maximum efficiency and working within the performance limits of the host machine will get the job done.

Unlike the older, front-mounted scarifiers that were sometimes fitted to wheel skid steers and had to be removed to use the bucket, the rear-mounted ripper bar is able to remain attached. It’s always on the back when you need it instantly so you can work with the bucket without having to swap over.

In cases where the tynes may protrude too low, all the operator has to do is pull the retaining pin and rotate the bar upwards 180 degrees to give more ground clearance.

Nigel Stokes of Emerald Earthworks who prepares residential construction sites is often faced with rock hard, sun-dried clay surfaces.

“Having the ripper bar on my Takeuchi TL8 tracked loader means I don’t have to bring my excavator to sites in case I find stubborn ground that needs to be loosened before it can be levelled. The ripper has dramatically increased my productivity on difficult sites and has saved hours of time”, Nigel said.

This handy attachment can be supplied with both the latest model Takeuchi TL8, TL10 and TL12 tracked loaders, or retro-fitted to earlier models.


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