Diesel or electric power: The electric drive system means there is no noise and no carbon dioxide emissions. This model is ideal where no toxic fumes and no pollution are permitted. Machine can work silently and indefinitely in places such as building basement areas.

No fuel on site: No need to have fuel and other volatile materials on the work site.

Independent systems – same power: the diesel engine propels the TB216H to the job site, then connected by a capillary line to an on-site 415v three phase power outlet or generator set. The electric component of the machine is a completely independent system where the operator switches from diesel to electric and this action redirects the hydraulic flow to be activated by the electric motor.

Retractable undercarriage and blade:  Blade extensions are removable using a single pin and the track frame can be adjusted hydraulically from 750 mm to travel through narrow spaces, to 1020 mm for outstanding stability.

Job site tough: A top mounted hydraulic boom cylinder and internally routed hoses are protected from potential damage, helping increase durability for a longer service life.

Hydraulic joystick controls: Plot control joysticks are responsive and reduce operator fatigue for better work efficiency and productivity.

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