Adjustable one-piece offset boom system: This highly versatile excavator has an innovative zero swing configurations which enables the machine to efficiently operate in confined areas. This compact yet powerful excavator allows the operator to excavate right up to and against a wall.

Ease of operation: The excavator has excellent travel and slew speed designed to shorten operation cycle time and hydraulic attachments are operated by a push-button proportionately controlled by the slider switch on the joystick.

Short pitch crawlers: these provide vibration free travel even on the roughest ground conditions likely to be experienced on any job site. Other designs for comfort in this machine come from a spacious compartment with a wide entrance doorway, the 2 speed travel switch, a 2 speed travel shift down system and One Touch engine deceleration.

Safety: Adding to safety is well balanced machine weight and there is emergency engine shutdown return to idle system to protect the engine from problems due to an observant operators.

Serviceability: A tilt-up operators platform provides excellent service access to the engine and other components and there are multiple ground level access panels for easy maintenance servicing.

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