When Aaron Wilde decided it was time for him to branch out on his own as Azza’s Mini Diggers Pty Ltd, he investigated which type of equipment was going to be the best investment. He also wanted machinery which would let him perform excavation and earthworks tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible.

With some experience in operating small excavators, he had a clear idea of what he wanted; a gutsy compact excavator that would allow him to dig deep trenches for one of the local plumbing contractors and a high performance tracked compact loader to move material is off-site as quickly as possible.

After shopping around, Aaron decided to invest in a new Takeuchi TB 235 hydraulic excavator, followed soon after by the addition of a Takeuchi TL6R compact track loader.

“I have always been of the opinion that investing in the best equipment would be the most economical solution in the long run, as I have a lot of work to do and could not afford any downtime or letting my customers down”, Aaron said.

“Previously my small 1.8 tonne excavator was okay just doing small jobs for one of the local plumbing companies; digging trenches and preparing site works for that company. As the volume of work increased it became obvious that I was going to need a larger machine.

“The type of plumbing preparation work was being given dictated that I was going to need a machine with a higher level of digging capacity for both internal and external plumbing works for new residential developments.

‘’I chose the Takeuchi machines because I had heard many good reports about their performance and reliability from speaking with other people in the area who had been using them for many years. I decided that an investment in the best quality machinery made good sense if you’re going to be using it all the time and your income depends on it.

“While many different brands of machines look very similar on the surface, it’s only when you start looking at the detail of comfort, cabin controls materials, components, construction and overall engineering do you start to appreciate what you are getting for your money.

“The TB 235 has been a very productive machine for me. It operates faultlessly and performs every task that is needed. It has delivered everything I had hoped for and more and has already clocked 550 hours. The machine is often working for 10 to 12 hours a day absolutely no problems whatsoever.

“The Takeuchi TL6R tracked compact loader is also more than lived up to my expectations as another piece of essential equipment for my business. While it has only clocked around 40 hours to date it is proven to be a highly productive machine. I’m using this machine for cutting out for residential house pads and for cleaning up material on construction sites.

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