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Video shows Takeuchi TL12V2 – Largest in class

VIDEO: Takeuchi TL12V2 rubber tracked loader “largest in its class”

Takeuchi says its largest skid steer offering has one of the highest safe working load (SWL) in the market.

At the Diesel Dirt and Turf show in Penrith (NSW) in April, Takeuchi had on display its range topping TL12V2 compact tracked loader, its first vertical lift model in the range.

With a SWL of 1865kg, the loader is claimed to be the “largest and most powerful in its class”.


A local club is a community hub for meeting and social activities. As members age, stairs may pose a problem. Sydney’s Gladesville Bowling and Sports Club is improving access for its less mobile visitors by replacing stairs with a new elevator. KangEx specialises in tight access excavations and was sub-contracted to undertake the excavation work for construction of the new lift shaft.

Demolishing the existing staircase and excavating to prepare concrete works for the new elevator is via an internal bar area with a standard door opening. In addition to tight access, the bar area’s carpets and fittings needed to be protected while equipment is driven through to the works site. Continue reading


Flicking the switch on new Takeuchi Hybrid Excavator

Semco is introducing a hybrid version of its highly popular TB 216 mini excavator to test the market and determine future demand which may pave the way for hybrid versions of other models in the near future.

Excavators powered by electricity have been used in Europe for some time. About ten years ago in Paris, Takeuchi exhibited their fully electric model TB016. However, the high cost of batteries at that time (and still today) has inhibited the general market acceptance of these models. Continue reading


 Does size matter? Ask any landscape contractor who has to negotiate a site to move supplies, position rockeries, stonework or masonry, cut through old tree roots, break up degraded concrete or asphalt paths and driveways and there is your answer.

Many landscaping jobsites present unexpected challenges that may delay your targeted completion time. Having the right tools for these situations may often be the deciding factor on whether or not your job delivers your budgeted profit.

Mini excavators and their tools can be a valuable asset on larger jobs when it comes to preparation for laying drainage lines under new turf and gardens, trenching foundations for retaining walls, removing small tree stumps or ripping up old paving. The right size trenching bucket, post drilling auger or rock breaker that is matched to the machine’s capabilities helps you manage the unexpected.

On one hand, it’s fine to have super compact machinery, however you also need sufficient power for the sheer grunt needed to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

The Takeuchi® TB210R excavator is a prime example of a small yet powerful machine which professional landscapers may find valuable to have in their equipment fleet. This machine weighs a useful 1,150 kg and the machine’s 750 mm wide tracks are able to be hydraulically expanded up to 1,020mm.

Safety is foremost, thanks to an integrated fold-down ROPS. Even the toughest jobs can be tackled with specially matched attachments – all driven by a gutsy, smooth and quiet Kubota 8.6kW three-cylinder diesel engine.

Takeuchi designers have ensured ease of operation and dexterity by incorporating full hydraulic servo levers and controls with a have a two-pattern change over selector. The TB210R is solidly constructed with all steel fabricated body parts, making it an attractive and robust proposition for contractors whose machines are in constant use.

 Transporting your TB 210R between jobs is not a problem. Even with the trailer loaded with a set of buckets and hitch, gross weight is approximately 1.3 tonnes, allowing the machine to be towed using a conventional utility or a family sedan without special electronic braking.


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Cut and fill for residential construction sites often present some unexpected challenges. Dealing with hard tasks such as removing embedded rock fragments, pulling out old concrete or just plain stubborn hard-packed clay can add unnecessary time to a routine task.
In these highly competitive days, you don’t need additional equipment on site to deal with some of these challenges, so having a powerful machine that handles tougher sites made perfect sense for Sydney’s Borg Civil.
Already with a fleet of Takeuchi loaders, the company decided to try the new Takeuchi TL12v2 vertical lift track loader which is an entirely new machine with additional power and a very handy high bucket lift capability.
The addition of a rear ripper bar which is monitored by the rear camera completed the package.
A residential construction site in Southwest Sydney showed that this one machine could easily and very quickly complete a typical cut and fill operation to prepare for a concrete slab.
Borg Civil’s operations manager Jerry Zoric said “we have had the new Takeuchi loader for just a couple of months. We have four Takeuchi radial lift loaders and thought it was worth trying this new TL12v2 vertical lift machine to see how it performed. It is a standard factory fitted machine with the addition of the ripper bars which we need for situations such as we are experiencing today.
“Were impressed with the construction specification – – reverse cameras and the excellent appointments in the cabin. It’s a great machine and has more than enough power needed for this type of application.
We’re particularly impressed with the height of the vertical lift which enables us to pile spoil quite high within a constrained footprint which makes it easy for loading the truck.
The high lift lets us get the bucket right over the edge of the truck to quickly load.
“While the cabin is just 77 millimetres wider than the standard TL 12 model, it feels a lot bigger and there has obviously been a lot of thought what into placement of controls and the ease in which all functions can be selected and manipulated.
“From an operator’s viewpoint, it’s considerably more comfortable. Placement of the lifting booms has been well-designed to optimise operator visibility, which is a real bonus when you’re working the bucket to cut to tight mark out lines.
“Our machines are used for contract work so they used constantly and need to be super reliable to help us meet our tight timelines.
Weighing in at just under six tonnes, this loader is claimed to be the largest and most powerful machine in its class. Delivering up to 45-percent greater operating capacity over the current TL12 radial lift model, this machine has been virtually redesigned from the ground up.
Powering the loader and its systems is a Kubota 3.8 litre diesel engine that produces 81.8 kW and compliant with U.S. EPA Final Tier 4 /EU Stage IV emissions.
There’s an electrical harness that runs down the loader’s frame that plugs into the hand control. This means you can operate attachments that require electrical functions such as a tilting dozer blade, laser blade or a profiler.
Because the engine is electronically controlled, the operator is able to select engine functions through the dash panel. This includes adjustment of horsepower or selection of economy mode for fuel economy when undertaking light duty work.
Takeuchi at Smart Hire



How do you increase your profile in the crowded hire and rental business? For Smart Hire, the answer is not complicated: specialise in supplying equipment that most of your customers need.

“With customer service being the cornerstone of a successful hire and rental businesses, it often pays to have a specialisation where your business can become well-known in a particular field of expertise”, said owners Hein and Veronica Otten.

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TB2150 excavator


Engineering design that’s truly responsive to the needs of operators 
In an ideal world, the tools available to earthmoving contractors would have loads of power to tackle almost any task; be extremely manoeuvrable, compliant with the most stringent engine emission requirements and be comfortable enough for an operator to work efficiently all day long in any climatic conditions.
Some construction sites are not easy to access and manoeuvre the heavy equipment needed to get the job done, however the latest excavator release from Takeuchi, the TB2150, is a totally different design that will tick most of the boxes for the “wish list” of experienced earthmoving contractors.

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Takeuchi TB210R


Equipment reliability is key for rapidly growing VT Group

One of Melbourne’s major drainage and plumbing contractors has recently upgraded its excavator fleet with eight 1.2 tonne Takeuchi TB210R compact excavators.

Based in Keilor East, VT Group supplies plumbing and drainage services to major residential developers across the city’s northern regions, as well as outer growth areas of Geelong, Werribee and Whittlesea.

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TB216 Compact ExcavatorTight work spaces pose a challenges for excavation contractors.

Redevelopment of ageing infrastructure and residential precincts often calls for a re-assessment of the tools and equipment needed for a successful project.

Manoeuvring excavation equipment on narrow allotments or adjacent to boundary walls needs to be completed safely and quickly to allow timely access for other trades on site. These situations often call for very compact equipment that has precise control, as well as the power needed for fast and efficient earth removal. Continue reading


Latest model TL12V-2 vertical lift loader revels in heavy lifting

TL12V2 Cutout - Arms Up

TL12V-2  Arms Up

The release of an all-new, heavy duty vertical lift compact loader has marked a major milestone for Takeuchi of Japan.

Many construction and trade professionals regard Japanese made equipment as some of the most rugged and high-performance machinery available.

Even the price premium that accompanies most high-quality gear has not been a barrier to operators who seek a return on their investment; high retained value and the benefits of outstanding work efficiency. So it’s no surprise to see the latest release from Takeuchi being typical of today’s equipment that is designed for continuous heavy duty work where endurance, power and reliability are the key requirements. Continue reading